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The Toast of Broadway

What begins as a series of bizarre murders in the theater district of Manhattan, quickly develops into a global struggle against an international criminal cabal. Anna engages a criminal mastermind in a chess game where real pieces are slaughtered. Fortunes are lost and gained. The stakes are high, the chess board global, the weapons varied but the end game objective is the same – total victory.Enter the world of Omega/Alpha. Meet Anna. A paranormal private detective, psychic and much more. Her confidential assistant, Ian MacGregger. A Scot transplanted from Scotland Yard via Interpol. Then there’s the French electronics expert and bodyguard, the ancient Catalan butler, a cleaver wielding Chinese Chef and a gardener who is older than dirt. Throw in the old man who lives up on the mountain, a panther, grey wolf, a seven foot long bushmaster and a resident raven. Stir in psychic connections, intuitions and shape shifting and you have one of the most unique places on the planet.

Volume One in the Omega Alpha Cabal Series
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From The Toast of Broadway


The messenger begins. “I begin by congratulating you. In this I am sincere. You may not be willing to accept such a representation given what has transpired these last several weeks. But admiration compels me to offer such recognition.”

“As you no doubt appreciate, I am engaged in a global business venture. Some may call me a criminal but I prefer the term artist. For surely I have arranged such a vast array of resources that governments, companies and wealthy individuals are captive in my collage.”

“My admiration is based on the simple fact that, even though I was determined not to underestimate you, I clearly have. You have outplayed me and my associates.”

He stops as Fernando enters with the wine and sets it down on the table next to the messenger’s chair. It has been opened. There is a single glass which he fills and places on a coaster on the table. The messenger looks at the label and smiles sadly. “This is one of my favorites vintages. I haven’t been able to get a bottle for a couple of years. It is fitting that this will be my last dance with Bacchus.” He lifts his glass in salute to Anna and sips. I can see some of the tension flowing out of him.

“I will continue. You have cost me a great deal of money. The two attacks on my network were so skillfully executed that losses were suffered before I became aware of the danger. But the loss of funds is nothing when matched against the damage that you have done to my network. Years of tedious work. Building relationships. Turning them to my advantage. Harvesting benefits. Have been washed away.”

A chill ran up my spine as I remembered the voice. That heavy German accent.

“Your efforts have removed seventeen operatives. Losses are unavoidable in my business. The Paris and Hong Kong ventures cost me moderately. But the gains achieved made the losses well worth the effort. In this case, the damage done is structural and will certainly limit my activities for a year or two to come. I tell you this for two reasons. First to establish a basis of my admiration and second to keep you from assuming, simply because I will not be as active immediately, that I have left the field. We will meet again. I expect to prevail the next time.”

The messenger stops to take a sip of wine and then settles back into the chair. “I apologize for the ineptness of the people I chose to mount the two attacks on your home in Westchester county. As I said, I underestimated you and your resourcefulness. I am not clear why the second attack did not succeed. But I will learn in time and the knowledge will improve my prospects.”

“Although I am not completely finished and do have cards yet to play, they are childish, petulant options that simply salve my ego. I hope that you will understand and not think the lesser of me. For now, I bid you farewell. We will meet again. I will not underestimate you the next time.”

Volume One in the Omega Alpha Cabal Series

Amazon Kindle & Paperback