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Law Enforcement

Tann Che Yun: is head of a special division of Manhattan homicide. He’s Korean by birth and started his career as an officer in the ROC army. That’s Republic of Korea for those of you who have never had the pleasure of visiting that fine country. White Horse Division – the elite arm. He’s five eight, close to two hundred pounds and built like the proverbial fire hydrant.

After his stint in the army, Yun comes to the states to get an education. He plows through Harvard. Then Columbia law school. Then he takes a side trail to the FBI to learn criminal investigation.

Homesick for his native sod, Yun heads back to Korea. It doesn’t take him long to get a gig with the Korean National Police Agency, or KNPA, as an investigator. Run by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, KNPA is the only police organization in South Korea. Given his experience and connections within the US, Yun rises quickly through the ranks.  He’s soon an inspector with an extensive team. They give him the hard cases. And that’s what gets him into trouble.

You see Yun heads up a series of investigations that brings down one of the more corrupt presidents that South Korea has ever been burdened with. The guy goes to jail but his minions are out for blood. Things get a little hot for Yun so he heads back to the states on an exchange program.  He soon takes a liking to criminal investigation American style. An opportunity opens up to join a special branch of Manhattan homicide and Yun jumps at the chance. The then president of Korea thinks it’s a good career move. He aggressively supports Yun’s application. I figure that he would rather have Yun out of the country for a good long while. Now he’s with Manhattan homicide. He has an inscrutable way about him. He’s another dangerous poker opponent.

Amos Terrin: Agent in Charge of the Manhattan Field Office of the FBI. Amos Terrin is the Agent in Charge of the Manhattan office of the FBI. He’s on the short side. Barely five six in lifters. Later fifties. I would guess eight or nine. Hairline that has not only receded but completely surrendered. He has the board shoulders and narrow waist of a man who has seen more active times. Terrin has a reputation for tenacity that’s legendary within the FBI. In a prior life as a federal prosecutor, he used to go into the mob hangouts, jump up on a table and tell them all that he was going to put them in jail. The truth is that he did manage to provide long-term accommodations for many of them. At the FBI, he rose quickly. A new type of agent. Not the old white shirt, narrow tie, ‘just the facts ma’am’ J Edgar Hoover type. Tech savvy, imaginative and a stickler for staying within the lines, he wins far more often than he loses. A real bulldog. He never turns away or stops pursuing once he gets the scent.

Steven Rosen is the current Chairman of the Senate Banking Housing and Urban Development Committee. I won’t go into how I feel about Senators except to say that paint dries faster than these people move. He has the rugged good looks that you seem to have to have in order to get into that august body. At least that’s one way in. The other apparently is that you need to look like a character out of either Doonesbury or the Katzenjammer Kids. So I’m prejudice. Sue me. I don’t much like him or his kind.

Rosen has the easy grace of a successful politician coupled with the driving need to be loved and right at the same time. Fifty seven and not showing it a bit. He has the reputation of being one of the straighter arrows in a quiver full of u-turns. At five eleven, he is taller than Terrin. Not as broad in the shoulders. Around one seventy, smooth face, green eyes. He’s better dressed than the FBI. But then he has contributors to help with that.

Thomas Caulfield, White House Chief of Staff in the current administration. Just on the far side of sixty, Caulfield is about five seven. His full allocation of hair is sandy blond with just the hint of grey. By reputation, he’s one of the toughest political street fighters around. No nonsense and completely dedicated to his boss – the President. Hard blue grey eyes look out from under a busy set of eyebrows. You get the feeling that, if he wants something, he’s going to get it no matter what.


Ralph Summers, Westchester County District Attorney:  is a cop turned politician. He cut his teeth on the beat as a flatfoot. Then graduated the hard way to officer. After a dozen or so years and a rise to Detective, he decided working for a living was not his style anymore and married money. Turned in his badge for a three piece suit. The problem is that looks are deceiving when it comes to Summers. Just looking at him you’d think he’s a politician to the core. Back slapper and baby kisser. But you’d be wrong. Beneath that newly polished veneer is a hard boiled cop. The training never goes away. He takes control of situations and, if you push back, he has a short fuse. Summers’ blow ups are legendary. Add to that that he doesn’t much like me. I’m an itch that just won’t go away. Every attempt that he makes to scratch it just makes it worse. His attitude towards Anna is more complicated. She has saved his bacon on more than one occasion. Nobody is unsure that he isn’t happy about being beholden. But he’s straight enough to recognize an obligation when he has it.